Archives Oversight Committee

Archives Oversight Committee Guidelines for Representation and Membership

The Archives Oversight Committee represents local government entities as defined by RCW 40.14.027 (1996) and RCW 36.22.175 (2001)

  • “The secretary of state shall, with local government representatives, establish a committee to advise the state archivist on the local government archives and records management program.”(40.14.027)
  • “The advisory committee established under RCW 40.14.027 shall review grant proposals and establish a prioritized list of projects to be considered for funding by January 1st of each even-numbered year, beginning in 2002. The evaluation of proposals and development of the prioritized list must be developed through open public meetings. Funding for projects shall be granted according to the ranking of each application on the prioritized list and projects will be funded only to the extent that funds are available. A grant award may have an effective date other than the date the project is placed on the prioritized list.” (36.22.175)

What are the expectations of a member?

  • ATTEND QUARTERLY MEETINGS, or as scheduled.
  • The State Archivist updates members on issues related to local government records management and the effects of legislation on the State Archives and its programs.
  • LOCAL RECORDS GRANT PROGRAM. Members review and recommend awards to the State Archives and Secretary of State.
  • MEMBERS ADVISE THE ARCHIVIST on any local government issues and legislation throughout the year.
  • MEMBERS ARE INVITED TO ATTEND workshops, training and other Archives events.
  • MEMBERS SERVE AS A CONDUIT of their interest group and other local governments in relation to public records, preservation and access.
  • Alternate media conferencing is possible from the 5 Regional Archives Branches.

    What are the expectations of the State Archives?

  • State Archives will allot money for the grant program
  • Will help WACO and committee members in their goal of preserving public records through training
  • Will serve as the Committee Secretary
  • Secretary of State shall officially award grants from the AOC recommendations.

Position Selection

A letter of appointment should be sent to the Office of the Secretary of State with a copy to the State Archivist.

  • 2 Clerks appointed by the County Clerk’s association (WSACC)
  • 2 Auditors appointed by the County Auditor’s association (WSACA)
  • 2 Cities appointed by Municipal Clerks Association (WMCA)
  • 3 Association representatives from AWC, WACO, and WSAC.
  • 1 School representative appointed by WASBO
  • 5 other special purpose district representatives will be appointed by the committee.


Associations are encouraged to rotate appointments every 4-6 years. Committee members will serve until a successor is appointed.

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