The Productivity Board was suspended by the Legislature in 2011 and hasn’t been reinstated. The information presented here is for reference only. State employees are encouraged to contact their legislators to request reinstatement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Productivity Board?

The Productivity Board was created in 1982 and is supported by RCW 41.60.015, when it was realized that an objective board would receive suggestions historically been ignored by an agency or institution of higher education.

How do I submit a suggestion?

On line at the Secretary of State's website: Simply fill in the information, and click "I agree."

Or, if you prefer, fill out a hard copy, and send it to:

The Productivity Board
PO Box 40244
Olympia, WA. 98504
FAX 360.704.7830

The forms are still found at the above URL, along with the automated link.

What sorts of suggestions are submitted?

Reducing mailing costs to a way an agency conducts overall business. However, suggestions cannot be complaints, changes to payroll, leave or medical benefits, or that are outside of the purview of state government. Please reference our website for all submitted suggestions.

Is an Employee Suggestion and Brainstorm the same thing?

No. In August of 2000, the Productivity Board programs were changed so dramatically, the board decided to change the name from Brainstorm to Employee Suggestion. The new program is much more efficient and effective.

What is a Multiple Agency Suggestion (MAS)?

A Multiple Agency Suggestion is two or more agencies that benefit from the suggestion. Staff will determine which agency or agencies would benefit most, and send the suggestion to a large, medium, and smaller agency for review.

When will I know the agency's decision?

The agency has 45 days to complete the evaluation and send it back to the Productivity Board staff. The suggester is copied on all correspondence and is notified immediately after the suggestion and subsequent evaluation of ‘Adopt' or ‘Non-Adopt' is heard by the Productivity Board.

Board meetings are held the first Friday of every month.

What if my suggestion is "Adopted?"

Once you receive notification from the Productivity Board that your suggestion is adopted, you are either eligible for a Recognition Award or a monetary award based on hard dollar cost savings.

What is a Recognition Award?

If your suggestion falls within your job duties OR savings cannot be identified, you are entitled to a Recognition Award. Your agency will arrange recognition in the form of either a letter or a monetary award of up to $200. This is solely at the discretion of the agency.

Can I really get $10,000?

Yes. If it does NOT fall within your job duties, AND there are cost savings from implementation realized by the agency, you are entitled to a monetary award which is 10% of the savings, not to exceed $10,000.

If accepted at that board meeting, you will receive a letter from staff authorizing the agency to release payment.

Where does the award money come from?

From the adopting agency. The award comes off the top of the savings and is drawn from the fund from which the savings is realized.

Can I appeal the board's decision?

Yes. Productivity Board staff decides whether to accept or reject the request for appeal, based on the following criteria:

  • You must provide new supporting, pertinent information or evidence.
  • The appeal must be timely and within 30 days of the board's decision.

Suggestions are routed back to the applicable evaluating agency for reconsideration. If you still disagree with the recommendation, you and the agency representative are invited, to address the board. All appeal decisions are final.