The Productivity Board was suspended by the Legislature in 2011 and hasn’t been reinstated. The information presented here is for reference only. State employees are encouraged to contact their legislators to request reinstatement.

Suggestion and Evaluation Databases

Search Suggestion Database - Search the suggestion database by suggestion number or key word.

Search Evaluation Database - Search the evaluation database by suggestion number; Productivity Board meeting number(s); agency(ies); key words; and/or recommendation, i.e., non-adopts, etc.


Additional Copies Request - Receive additional copies of a Employee Suggestion Program file.
Training Request - Schedule Employee Suggestion Program Coordinator training; Evaluator training; TIP training; or an Productivity Board presentation offered by staff.
Status Request - Receive status of a suggestion.
Send E-mail to the PB Office - Send an e-mail to the Productivity Board for any additional requests.